A Hello – and What exactly is a “Nerdketeer”?

Hello blog world. It is great to be back among your ranks.

My name is Michael Truskowski. I am a New Yorker (by adoption), who can easily be defined as a nerd. I am a technology nerd, and am currently a trainer at the famous Apple specialist Tekserve, where I have worked for nearly 6 years. I am a Disney nerd, particularly the parks, and am a regular contributor to WDWNT: The Magazine. I am also a marathoner (4 and counting) and a member of New York Road Runners, a skeptic (member of NYC Skeptics), and most of all, proud husband to be to my partner of 5 years, and the owner of three adorable cats. I am also a trained singer (I have a Bachelor of Music from New York University). Through this blog, I hope to explore the intersection of all these things.

The name I have chosen for this blog, and for myself in the process, is Nerdketeer. This portmanteau of Nerd and Mouseketeer (itself the combination of Mouse and Musketeer) is most obviously a reference to two of my more notable interests. But it goes deeper. One of the original goals of my favorite of the Disney parks, Epcot, was to both educate and entertain. I began my time in New York pursuing the later, and shifted slowly toward the former. I am now a full time teacher of technology, both to my clients and to our staff. I love being able to give information. But the entertainment bug has never left. The challenge for any educator, it to combine their teaching with entertainment. This is probably what drew me into the Disney world from such an early age. Walt understood, perhaps better than anyone, that we learn when we are invested. And what better way to do that than to make it fun at the same time. It makes sense that Epcot would be my favorite place. It is the largest technology playground ever built.

This is my goal, on this blog and in life. To educate, and to entertain. I want to make learning fun, as it should be, as it always has been for me. Musings of a Nerdketeer will be my small attempt to take a tiny corner of the internet and play this out. I am lucky enough to be just the right age to have experienced the explosion of technology and communication that has changed everything about our daily lives (I am three months older than the Macintosh computer). It has all had a huge impact on me, and being able to help others learn and enjoy is deeply satisfying.

In addition to original content, I will also be posting my contributions from the Tekserve Blog, and WDWNT: The Magazine. I thank them both for allowing me to repost those articles here.

So I do hope that you will enjoy this blog, and that you find the information intriguing and enlightening, as well as just plain fun. Happy reading!

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