And Now iCloud Drive

Remember how after WWDC everyone was riding a high that Apple was stepping into a whole new world of openness with iOS? It would be more extensible, more developer friendly, and present fewer roadblocks to power users. Well, turns out the App Store review team does not remember this.

Panic put out an update yesterday to their iOS FTP client Transmit. Seemed like a mostly bug fix update with the exception of the last bullet point in the description:

• Removed, at Apple’s request, the ability to “Send” files to other services like iCloud Drive.

Some other developers on Twitter chimed in to state that they have been given the same instructions. This comes just days after the revelation that buttons in widgets are now forbidden.

Wasn’t the whole point of iCloud Drive to fix the long standing problem of data sharing between apps in iOS? If they are going to start locking it down again, what’s the point? iOS 8 already has a terrible reputation among general users. I still hear regularly from people that they are not updating because they “heard about all the problems”. Power users where the only people truly embracing it. Let’s not ruin that.

And Now iCloud Drive was last updated December 6th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski