Anti-Gay Marriage Ruling Reaction Mad Libs

We are          emotion           today following the decision by this          meaningless adjective           judge to          verb           the definition of marriage. This unelected           profession we dislike but only sometimes           has taken it upon himself to          verb           the rule of the          unreasonable species          . For          number           years marriage has been the           something that sounds important but is really bullshit           of our society. This will cause irreparable harm to          people who won’t be harmed          . Freedom of religion is          hyperbolic war metaphor           The people of          place           are being denied their right to          verb          . Radical          most offensive name you can say without sounding mean           are forcing this issue through the courts rather than through the          thing that would be condemned anyway           process. Their tactics are similar to those of          anything bad but bonus points if its Hitler          . We will continue to          useless verb           on this issue.          Bullshit          .          More bullshit          .          Breathless, pearl clutching bullshit          .

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