Apple Store Queens Center Mall

Will and I went to the grand opening of the Queens Center Mall Apple Store this morning. This is the first Apple Store in Queens, as well as the first in NYC outside of Manhattan and Staten Island. Interesting that we beat Brooklyn to having one. As expected for an Apple Store opening, there was a reasonably long line to get in, though nowhere near that of a store like 5th Avenue.

Props to the Queens Center Mall staff for keeping things extremely orderly this morning. We were a few hundred people back in the line but we got in quickly and easily.

The store is a pretty good size, at least for a mall store. With all the opening day commotion it was hard to get a true feel of the layout. I believe the store is supposed to have a Genius Bar, but it was hard to tell from today. I imagine it will pop up once the opening day crowd dies down. We did purchase an Apple Watch charger (with Apple Pay of course).

They had watches on display front and center, including the Apple Watch Edition, though I seriously doubt this store will ever carry that model.

As with most Apple Store openings, the first 1000 people to enter got a free T-Shirt. Lots of people seemed to be there for this. A woman even attempted to swipe mine when I was typing on one of the new MacBooks. There is already one on eBay for $100.

Queens Center Mall is a massive mall, and has one of the highest sales per square foot of any mall in the country. This store totally makes sense as the mall is a major meeting point for people from various neighborhoods throughout Queens.

Here are some photos from the opening.

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