Bad Advice from Business Insider

For the most part I do not like Business Insider. While they certainly have talented people on staff, and some of their original reporting is good, a lot of it is lazy clickbait. An article from yesterday bemoans the Apple Watch app that is installed as part of iOS 8.2. The app, like most of Apple’s own, is unremovable. You can argue the merits of whether this is the right move or whether it should be a store app that is removable, but this throwaway line from the piece really bothers me:

“If you don’t want the Watch app to be stuck on your phone forever, just don’t update to iOS 8.2.”

No no no. Wrong wrong wrong. They completely ignore that while some may find the watch app annoying, 8.2 also brings a really important security fix for the FREAK vulnerability that was disclosed last week. If given the choice between having to move the watch app to that folder of things you never use and remaining exposed to the possibility of having your secure traffic snooped, I choose the former.

Bad Advice from Business Insider was last updated March 10th, 2015 by Michael Truskowski