Breaking Up with a MAS-hole

So Mac App Store, we have to talk.

When I first met you it was magical. You promised to solve one of the most annoying aspects of computer usage, app management. No more licenses to lose, no more missing updates. Software would be secure and easy to find. You were a modern, first party solution that would achieve what sites like VersionTracker (RIP) had long ago tried to solve.

I was so excited for our new relationship that I started repurchasing apps from you, even if I already owned them. You were such a big help then. When I got my most recent computer, I didn’t have to do the usual dance of downloading dozens of installers, I just picked the apps I needed from my purchased list. I always looked to you first for apps, even if I could by from the developer’s site.

But lately I feel like you have been taking our relationship for granted. You haven’t been holding up your end of the bargain. In fact, you haven’t even said you’re sorry for messing up a good portion of my week. You just disappeared, leaving me with quite a mess to clean up. I think it’s time I start seeing other stores.

For free apps available outside, I am going back to the non-store version. For paid apps I will reach out to developers and see if they have a method for switching to a non store license. We can still hang out sometimes, but only when I need an Apple app, or if I have the urge to buy a poorly written Facebook notifier.

I’m tired of waiting weeks for important updates while users who purchased elsewhere have immediate access. I’m tired of having to download plugins from other places to make my apps fully functional. I’m tired of having to enter my iTunes password randomly upon opening certain software. I’m tired of not getting upgrade pricing. And most of all I am tired of the buggy, unreliable experience. The apps I bought outside the store have been, for the most part, rock solid.

It’s a shame really. Will and I just finally set up a family account to easily share software between each other. And now I’m back to managing licenses and updates myself. But at least my software will work, and developers won’t be helpless to assist if I do have issues.

Sorry Mac App Store, but you have been too much of a MAS-hole lately. I deserve better. It’s not me, its you.

Breaking Up with a MAS-hole was last updated November 13th, 2015 by Michael Truskowski