Decoding Top 10 Lists

10 – Ooh, I didn’t expect you to start with that. How exciting. You must be super smart.

9 – Meh.

8 – Meh.

7 – I think you are just listing Google search results now.

6 – Click next to see more.

5 – Something actually on point to remind you what this list is for in the first place.

4 – Totally not a paid advertisement, sorry I mean native content.

3 – Pure stupidity to see if anyone else is still reading.

2 – The actual number one item, but that would be too obvious. So here it is at number two because OMG OMG you are like totes never going to believe what number one actually is.

1 – This makes absolutely no sense. It makes the author feel all smug and smart because no one else thought of it. And that’s true, no one else thought of it, because it is BS.

Decoding Top 10 Lists was last updated April 1st, 2017 by Michael Truskowski