Defining Millennial

Interestingly this report from Bankrate came out today, and it seems to treat millennials more as an age group than as a generation. It directly states that millennials are between 18 and 29.



As I had stated in my birthday post, there is disagreement as to what defines the beginning and ending of the millennial generation, but this range is far too narrow, covering only 11 years. Yes the vast majority of millennials are under 30, but not all. And I will bet that we older millennials are probably carrying at least one credit card in most cases. As we move forward it will become very important to differentiate between the generation “millennials” and just saying “young people”.

Of course, if this data is correct, it will make any potential Apple announcement tomorrow regarding mobile payments much more interesting for the millennials (young and not so young) now won’t it?

Defining Millennial was last updated September 8th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski