DST Strikes Again: Loss of Marathon Apple Watch Activity

UPDATE: The cause of the data loss is RunKeeper. The Apple Watch currently subtracts from your move goal rather than add to it. Do Not use RunKeeper for Apple Watch.

Daylight Saving Time sucks. No matter what BS reason you believe for it existing (conserving energy, farming, school buses), twice a year we all get to stress out, miss appointments, have our biological clocks messed with, and increasingly see software issues due to programming not able to handle the switch.

On November 1st I ran the New York City Marathon. It was my third time running the NYC race, and my first with the Apple Watch. But you would not know it from looking at my Activity data. A bug in the app is causing it to crash when attempting to view data from that day. That would be bad enough, but to make it worse, the app no longer recognizes that I met my goal that day, while in reality I met it five times over.

Activity ring not closed despite marathon.
That ring should have been closed 5 times over.

Apple has had some notorious DST related bugs in the past. But one would have thought that their device whose main purpose is to tell time would have done better. Numerous posts on Apple’s discussion page says that this is widespread, and definitely a DST problem.

I know it seems trivial, and ultimately it is, but this bug has really had a dramatic effect on how I feel about the watch. My enthusiasm has been completely zapped. I was really proud of the fact that I had an unbroken activity streak that went back to the very first day. And now, through no fault of my own and despite literally my best effort, it’s all gone. I am back to the beginning.

If Apple is going to make fitness tracking a headline feature of this device then it has to work and it has to work perfectly. To Tim Cook, I know you really care about CSAT.[1] Consider me unSAT today.

Note: I filed a bug report with Apple on this one. rdar://23374091

  1. Customer Satisfaction for those who don’t speak corporatese.  ↩
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