Fixing Evernote

Phil Libin on the Evernote Blog:

Our new philosophy is to find every spot in our products where we’ve been forced to make a trade-off between doing what’s simple and doing what’s powerful, then rethink it so that the simplest approach is also the most powerful. We know we’ve found a good design for something when that conflict disappears. It feels like magic when that happens, and we’ll have several bits of magic in the coming months.

I would definitely welcome some simplicity and stability improvements to Evernote. It remains one of my favorite apps, but its often slow and crash-prone, especially when dealing with lots of notes attachments (which I have in abundance). I also hope they can settle on a design as the last three major revisions of the iOS app all look like they came from three different companies. One additional point of focus should be on fast note entry. I love Drafts, but I should not be required to use a third party app to take a quick note without waiting for the main app to sync. But as of right now, I do.

And if they pull this off, might be nice to lend some help to whomever is responsible for iTunes and iPhoto.

Fixing Evernote was last updated April 27th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski