Hobby Lobby

I do not understand anything about the whole Hobby Lobby situation. Certainly the ruling itself seems nonsensical. But I really don’t understand how we got here to begin with. Okay I do understand it, it’s cognitive dissonance on display.

Something gay people hear all the time from the highly religious is that they don’t care about what we do in private but can we please stop being so public about it.[1] Okay, so how about giving that a try with your religion. You cannot complain that gay people are forcing you to believe things you don’t want to believe, then turn around and force your employees to believe what you do, or at the very least adhere to some of your faith’s tenets.[2]

Even worse though is the business angle. I work with the public every day, and never once have I felt a need to deny service based on my religious beliefs, or lack thereof. By the logic of this ruling, and by the endless arguments against marriage equality by the wedding industry’s conservative members, I should have that right.

My opinion is that I should serve everyone. I may disagree with them, but so long as everyone is civil my services should be rendered to the same level if quality as it would be to someone who agreed with me on everything. This seems not only like good business to me, but also the moral thing to do. Then again without god there is no morality, so what do I know.

Well what I do know is that a narrow exemption for certain people to not follow certain laws because of certain beliefs seems very wrong to me. Why don’t I get to choose which taxes I pay based on my own morality? Could I pick a religion that would get me this right? And if yes, isn’t that clearly against not just the spirit but the actual words of the first amendment?

In theory I work for a company that is covered by this decision. They won’t do it, but I am sure a lot will. So now there is another aspect of work that affects only women. Men won’t need to give this a second thought, but for women who need this coverage, they just lost several job opportunities that they had before this decision. That is pathetic.

And that’s assuming that this won’t lead to further rulings that further expands the rights of the religious to exempt themselves from laws. I don’t see how it wouldn’t. The thing about work is that you have to do things you don’t like. All the time actually. That’s why it is a job. Since when did the right turn into a group of whiny teenagers? Get over yourselves.

  1. Okay some care what we do in private too. But most try to at least seem not bigoted. After all, they all have gay friends who totally agree with them.  ↩
  2. For the record I have no idea what they Hobby Lobby people think about gay rights. Although I can guess. But don’t think for a second that the people cheering this ruling are majority anti-gay.  ↩
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