I Guess Gray Thursday Worked, Sadly

Remember last year when stores pushed their Black Friday opening way early into Thanksgiving, and we all got upset at them. Apparently not enough of us were all that upset, because it is happening again this year. After the bad press these stores got last year it would seem like there would be no reason for them to do this again except for one, it worked. People showed up on Thanksgiving to buy stuff on the cheap. As long as it continues to work, the bad press is worth suffering.

And even worse is that some stores, particularly smaller places in malls, are being forced into it, even if they otherwise want to respect their employees’ family time. Many malls have the ability to fine stores that don’t open when he mall does. From Consumerist:

We’re just stuck following the rules, because if we didn’t, we’d be fined by the mall and being a small company, that’s substantial to us. We can’t just pay that. We have to stay open.

So do keep that in mind if you feel the urge to boycott any stores that are opening at these times. Yes, big chains can just pay the fine. Stores like Apple are likely to do so, and they can easily afford it. But small businesses may not have the means. As someone who spent many years in retail, Black Friday is the dark terror on the calendar every year. The people who shop on that day are often the worst customers you will meet all year (although there are certainly lovely, kind people who shop too). Thanksgiving was the calm before the storm, but now that is being stolen too.

In a few weeks we will be hearing about the annual “War on Christmas”. Media, politicians, and groups mostly on the right stomp their feet and scream about how Christmas is being stolen, despite it making an appearance this year in September. But no one seems to care about the actual war on Thanksgiving that really is taking place for a large part of the American workforce. I guess retail workers don’t deserve the same protections that plastic manger scenes do.

I Guess Gray Thursday Worked, Sadly was last updated November 13th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski