I Have Been Doing Work Wrong

Apparently for over a decade I have been mistaken in how I am supposed to do my job. I had thought that a job was something that involved things you wouldn’t necessarily do, but since someone is paying you to do it, you do. And yet, what we see now in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on marriage – and for a long time leading up to it – is that this is apparently incorrect. It is now claimed that you may refuse to do any part of your job, even major parts of it, simply by claiming that it violates your sincere beliefs.

Had I only known this years ago when I was selling computers. I could have asked my customers what they intended to use them for. “Oh, you want to use it to campaign for George W. Bush, sorry, I cannot sell you this computer. But no judgement though. I just think you are a terrible person hell bent on destroying the world. Have a nice day.”

Even now I have strong objections to using the Java plugin. Should I refuse to install it at my job? “Sorry you need it for your class, but I just cannot install this for you. But I am sure if you ask around you can find someone who will right?”

Or is this something we reserve only for religion? If so, why? Why are religious beliefs exempt from human decency? But fine, going back to my computer sales years, I guess I should have been telling anyone who wears religious symbols that I cannot sell to them. I don’t believe in god after all, so why should I serve someone who contradicts my world view?

I always thought that a job was something you did, even if you didn’t always agree with everything it asked of you. How freeing to know that isn’t the case.

Or maybe I can just continue to practice human decency and provide people service and respect, regardless of what I feel about their own personal lives. Crazy thought, huh?

I Have Been Doing Work Wrong was last updated July 11th, 2015 by Michael Truskowski