iCloud Photo Library: I Give Up

It is clear that this is not working at all. The iPad has not improved. The web app is more or less locked in a loop. The iPhone and Mac can’t agree on how many photos I actually have. Something has clearly gone wrong and is beyond my ability to fix. I have hit the big delete button in the sky and will wait the mandatory 30 days for my library to be deleted.

In the meantime I will clean up the Mac library. Maybe there will be a point release or two between now and when I dare attempt to turn this wretched thing back on. But for now I almost feel relieved to have decided that it has failed. I can finally stop paying attention to this crap.

Of all the failures that I have experienced in technology, this one by far makes me the most sad.

iCloud Photo Library: I Give Up was last updated April 23rd, 2015 by Michael Truskowski