iPhone Minus Some Phone

So about a month ago I decided it was finally time to do something I had been meaning to do for a while. I removed the phone from my dock. My home screen has been arranged and rearranged so many times, and yet the phone has remained in the same default spot since the very first day.

I guess it was out of deference to the fact that the device was called iPhone. It has phone right there in the name. But then I thought about actual use. Everything else on my home screen are apps I use daily. But the phone? Sparingly at best. My phone is my most personal computer. The ability to speak with someone by holding the device up to my head is a side benefit.


Maybe soon it will find its way into a folder. Or off the home screen entirely.

And this is the reason I am getting the iPhone 6 Plus. I will admit that I am totally eating my own words here. I was one of those people who mocked the huge phones people were using a few years ago. And I may have still had those feelings now except for the fact that I will almost never be holding the phone up to my head. For every other use the larger size is an advantage.

Who would have guessed that moving an app would have informed a hardware purchase?

iPhone Minus Some Phone was last updated September 10th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski