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I am really starting to resent Facebook. I know its trendy, but unlike a lot if complaints if the service, I never had that much an issue with them using the data in their own service. Yes, privacy matters, but Facebook has always been an opt-in service. Don’t like it, don’t use it.

Except that Facebook is starting to feel hell bent on making sure you end up in their clutches whether you like it or not. The Moves saga has been a disaster for the app. It went from a near five star rating on the App Store to around one and a half. People are exporting data and leaving. While I have not yet done so, I am considering it after the blatant lying they pulled following the acquisition. 1

Facebook is becoming the Walmart of the internet. They swoop into neighborhood, destroy the competition, and hire any remaining holdouts to be greeters.

I still blame the users as much as Facebook here. Everyone wants their apps free, and there is always a cost to free. But Facebook bears responsibility to treat the customers they buy with respect. And I am not feeling that. Honestly if they made connecting to Facebook an opt-in feature of Moves, I’ll bet half the users would have done it anyway, and the rest could happily remain independent. Instead they took a sledgehammer to the privacy policy.

Facebook has to stop this. It may not hurt them short term, but users are fickle, and nothing lasts forever. And we remember how we were treated. They may not have been hurt by this episode, but Moves has been for sure. So we end up with another service ruined by them, and in record time.2 Thanks Facebook. I won’t forget this.

  1. As I don’t have an iPhone 5s I cannot use RunKeeper’a Breeze yet. But the new phone is not that far off. 
  2. I am not naive. I knew this would happen eventually. But less than two weeks surprised even me. 
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