pCalc: We Love What You are Doing, Now Stop It

Update: pCalc is saved. Still though, I hope this goes beyond shutting up one vocal uprising in the community and that it resonates further in app review. They need this type of creativity. Arbitrary rule changes are bad for everyone, not just high profile developers. Probably wishful thinking though unfortunately. Original post below.

One of my favorite apps on iOS 8 is pCalc. This awesome calculator app added a Notification Center widget when iOS 8 launched. This makes it incredibly easy to access a quick calculator from anywhere in the operating system by simply swiping down. Today though, Apple informed the developer that they will no longer be allowing apps that do calculations in Notification Center.

Image of pCalc widget
Simple and convenient. This will not be tolerated apparently.

Between this and the Launcher removal a few weeks ago, Notification Center is starting to feel like the App Store itself a few years ago, when apps were regularly being banned for seemingly arbitrary and previously unknown reasons. The big problem here for Apple is it makes one of their headline features of the new OS very dangerous. If you were an iOS developer, would you want to invest time in Notification Center right now, knowing that it could get your app pulled at any moment?

The ultimate irony here is that Apple themselves have been featuring pCalc in the App Store as an example of an app that makes good use of iOS 8. This reminds me of the early days of YouTube, when the marketing department of a company would post a video, only to have the legal department of the same company come by and demand it be taken down. This is just silly and I thought that Apple had outgrown this ridiculousness.

pCalc: We Love What You are Doing, Now Stop It was last updated October 30th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski