A Fresh Beginning

April 2018 · 2 minute read

I’m hitting the reset button. My old blog was getting stale. I wasn’t updating nearly as often as I wanted to. The old site was a WordPress site. WordPress gets a bad rap, mostly because too many sites get setup and never secured or patched. I was pretty good about that, but it still wasn’t working for me anymore.

WordPress felt heavy. As I tried to make my pageloads faster and my security headers more strict, I was constantly running up against the heaviness of a CMS generated webpage.

So I am trying out Hugo. I like the idea of returning to simple, static pages. I write in Markdown anyway, so why not use a site generator that accepts it natively. I also am using a very lightweight theme that uses no trackers. Simple, secure, and clean.

I’ve also decided not to import the old posts. Most were outdated, and many of the series I wanted to run were never finished. Also, there was a mix of personal and professional on there. Going to stick more toward the professional side here, but still with my own voice.

This allow allows me to do something else I have wanted to do, which is license my writing under Creative Commons. I wasn’t comfortable doing this with personal posts. The new license does not cover the old content. Just this reborn version of the site.

I’m going to try to commit to posting more often, and for those to be more useful. Also I am still in the process of grokking Hugo’s fullness, so there may be some wild changes to the site until I get more comfortable with how it works.