Apps for February 2019

Yeah yeah I missed a few months. They were busy months.

  • Mail: It seems no matter what I do I keep ending up back at Spark. No one else has the reliability and features.
  • To Do: Things continues to impress. I briefly tried 2Do again, attempting to live in the Apple Reminders system as it can sync with them. But syncing was just not reliable enough. I lost a few tasks. I rely too heavily on my task manager to have this be even a remote possibility. Things is rock solid. I’ve also come to rely on their Apple Watch app more and more. They have one of the best watch apps out there in my opinion.
  • Finance: Despite my longtime use of Banktivity, I’ve decided to give MoneyWiz another go. They have really caught up in a number of ways. And unlike Banktivity, which still seems to treat mobile as a secondary extension of the desktop app, MoneyWiz puts its full power on all platforms, mobile included. I had issues in the past with manually entered transactions not matching up with downloaded ones. This seems to work much better now.
  • Text Editor: Kodex is awesome. Simple, clean, and works with Apple’s Files app. This last feature has more or less become a requirement for me.