Apps for October 2018

October 2018 ยท 2 minute read

It has been brutal for email apps with Newton, Alto, and Inbox all being discontinued. For email I have gone back to once again. While I like the new features in Gmail, I don’t love the web UI, and I find the iOS app maddening. They brought over snoozes from Inbox but not the very convenient swipe gesture. And it still does not support split view on the iPad, three years after the feature was introduced.

The nice thing about is it is always there and always works. The main feature it is missing that I do like is the ability to snooze an email. But it does work nicely with Things. All emails in Mail have a unique identifier that can be linked to. Dragging and dropping into Things creates a new to do item with this link back to the email.

The only problem is the iPhone does not support drag and drop to another app. The solution here is to use Dispatch. I’d probably consider Dispatch as a primary app if it were still getting updates, but development seems to have stalled. Also there is no Mac version. What it does get me is a way to send an email to Things with the link back to the email in While I wish Apple would just natively include a share sheet, this is the next best thing.

This allows me to use the same app on iOS and macOS, with one workflow shared between them. I have notifications turned on only for VIPs, and I have only a few of those.

Aside from email I am giving the new Pocket a try. While I have long preferred Instapaper’s design, the new Pocket looks for the first time like it may be catching up. And Instapaper has not had much going on post Pinterest. A side benefit of using Pocket and Inoreader together via IFTTT is that tags from my RSS reader transfer to Pocket. So if I want to see just tech articles, I can do so in Pocket without manually tagging.

It isn’t a new app for me, in fact it is one of the oldest, but major shout out to 1Password for supporting the new password manager feature of iOS 12 on day one. No more copying and pasting into apps that have not supported password managers in the past. Every login is only a tap away.