I Don’t Want Your Curation

Spotify made two acquisitions. An expected one, Gimlet Media, and an unexpected one, Anchor. The latter is a big deal. Anchor has become a huge player in podcasting as a very easy way to create and publish.

I’m very worried that the very thing that makes podcasting special will be lost here. And Spotify’s announcement is not helping.

Just as we’ve done with music, our work in podcasting will focus intensively on the curation and customization that users have come to expect from Spotify.

I don’t want your curation. I want every independent creator to continue to have the same level of access to me that NPR has. This kind of gatekeeper structure already took the promise of the web, chewed it up, and spit out the horror show that we now call Facebook.

Oh but it gets worse.

…builds an even more robust business model for Spotify in an industry we believe will become significantly larger when you add Internet-level monetization to it.

Right, because Internet-level monetization has worked out really well for journalism. And retail. Hell even the music industry has suffered here, in many cases by Spotify’s own hand! South Park lampooned this BS over a decade ago. Unless you are Facebook, Google, or Amazon, there is no internet money for you. Expect to see yourself squeezed out of existence. This is just tone deaf.

Maybe there is an explanation though.

Along the way, we broke the grip piracy had on our industry and restored the growth of global music through paid on-demand streaming.

Spotify apparently exists in an alternate timeline where the iTunes Music Store never happened.