My Vivaldi Setup

Here is my setup using the Vivaldi web browser. This setup optimizes security, privacy, and speed. Sites will definitely break when set up this way. You will need to do some whitelisting to get everything working correctly. I would not buy hard to get concert tickets in this browser if you set it up like this.

Sync Account

Vivaldi recently introduced syncing between multiple computers. What is very nice is that they enforce end-to-end encryption. The Vivaldi team never gets to see your data. This is option in Chrome, but the default here.


There are a few privacy settings I enable. These will sync across devices. Under Privacy in settings I disable using Google DNS to resolve navigation errors. I have a PiHole set up at home. Blocked DNS requests are there by design in my setup. I also disable using Google to assist in autofill. I can type myself, thanks.

Additionally I block third party cookies. This sometimes breaks sites, but I would rather disable on a per site basis than enable everywhere. Most sites do seem to work fine with this off. Third party cookies are horrible for privacy.

uBlock Origin

This is far and away the best content blocker. While many people just use it to block ads, I use it for security. Advertisers and tracking companies do not care about your security. Malware attacks via their already privacy destroying software is common. The only way to browse the internet safely is to block them.

You can use uBlock Origin’s ability to sync via the browser. The downside is that uBlock Origin does not auto sync. This is a design decision by the developer. To make sure I don’t overrite data, I always begin syncing by clicking the download and merge option. This ensures I have the most up to date data on this computer without overwriting any data that may not have been uploaded yet. Then I click the upload button.

uBlock Origin Sync

It is a little bit of work but it ensures I always have the most up to date version of my block list and settings.

Web Panels

One of my favorite features of Vivaldi is Web Panels. These are bookmarks to sites that can open in a small panel next to your main window. I use this for news, weather, and other sites I want to be able to reference quickly. You may also wish to put your social media feeds there if you are in to that sort of thing.

I leverage Web Panels to make uBlock Origin’s sync settings a click away. Open the extensions settings, then click the + button in the web panel section.

uBlock Origin Web Panel

Now any time you need to sync uBlock Origin settings you can just click on this web panel.