TestFlight Users May be Unable to Update Apps

At some point over the last few days my apps stopped updating. Now, when I try to do it manually, the button spins for a second and returns immediately to Update. This is happening on every single device attached to my Apple ID, whether iOS or macOS. And it seems, if this thread on MacRumors is representative, that I am not alone.

From what the people posting there have discovered, it seems to be affecting anyone who has ever made an in-app purchase using a TestFlight app. This would definitely include me, so that theory checks out as far as I can tell.

Restarting and even restoring does not help. The only workaround here is to remove and reinstall the app. This can be a problem on iOS as that would also remove data. What does work is to go into iOS storage settings, find the app, offload it, then reinstall. This preserves the data while downloading and installing the current version. Unfortunately the list of apps in this settings page is sorted by size, and cannot be searched. So good luck finding your apps that need updates one by one if that list is long.

Unfortunately as of right now there seems to be very little attention on this outside of that forum. Despite Apple’s insistence that “running to the press never helps”, the fact of the matter is that running to the press is the only thing that helps. So until this gets major traction, our only option is to attempt to navigate the red-tape universe that is Apple Support. Thus far, this has gotten those who have called precisely nowhere.

This is not even the only issue I am currently experiencing with the App Store. There is a terrible VPP bug that has the longest thread on Jamf’s forums I have seen in a long time. The issue has been happening for months, with no end in sight. And this is for a feature that is used by the enterprise. Fortune 500 companies are being hit by this!

It is all so terribly frustrating. The iOS 13 launch has been plagued with bugs. Badly enough that a lot of my non-tech coworkers seem to have a shocking amount of knowledge of them. And now this service, from the “services” company, is falling down on its face for those who use it the most.

Update: This was resolved server side last night. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t happen again.