Race Report – Pride Run (5 Miles)

This morning I took part in my third Front Runners Pride Run in Central Park. It is one of my favorite races of the year, as it brings out all the LGBT and supporting people in the running community. While I did have some friends on the race, I ran it myself. Will has run in past years, but did not take part this time.


This year could not quite compare to last year’s, although that was through no fault of the organizers. Last year we gathered for the race only hours after New York legalized same sex marriage. The energy last year was something your just had to experience for yourself to understand. In fact, even the race announcers pointed this out.

It was a great race nevertheless. Not a PR, not by a long shot. Eighty degree temperatures will do that to you. But I knew that going in, so I was happy enough to take things as easy as possible.

I love this race because it gives the athletic world a chance to embrace its LGBT members. The sports world has an unfortunate homophobic bend to it, although as in most other aspects of life, that is finally starting to erode. The guys at the front are as fast as anyone else out there, and they deserve to be counted as athletes in every way.

It was nice to see everyone out this morning. This will be the only part of pride I get to take part in this year (I write this post on a bus in Pennsylvania). So here’s to pride 2012, and greater visibility everywhere. Happy Pride everyone.

Finish Time 53:02, Pace 10:37

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