Rebranding Like it’s 1999

Apparently Microsoft will soon be rebranding a whole bunch of Bing apps to MSN. Yes now, in 2014.

Existing Bing apps like News, Sports, Travel, Weather, and Finance will all be rebranded to MSN soon, and the software maker is planning to release each app for iOS and Android.

I don’t get this. It’s bad enough that Microsoft has been all over the place the past 15 years in branding its web services. Is it Hotmail, Live Mail, Outlook, Bing, MSN? Apple did the same thing with its service but at least it always went forward (unless we get .Mac 2.0 tomorrow, which I doubt).

It’s particularly odd given that Bing, while not at Google numbers by any means, has become a fairly well respected service. MSN on the other hand is, at least to anyone under 25, “that website Grandpa uses because he doesn’t know how to change the homepage settings in Internet Explorer.”

Rebranding Like it’s 1999 was last updated September 8th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski