She Wanted That Law

Remember when after Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona’s discrimination law I said this on social media:

Well it turns out that yep, I was right.

Top aides to Gov. Jan Brewer sought and got proponents of a “religious liberty” bill to make changes to SB 1062 more than a month before she vetoed the measure.

Documents obtained by Capitol Media Services show gubernatorial counsel Joe Sciarrotta and adviser Michael Hunter met with staffers from the Center for Arizona Policy as early as January about the legislation. The documents, mainly email exchanges before and after meetings, show the alterations made in the legislation at the behest of the Brewer advisers.

This is actually quite a fascinating look at the shifting landscape for the political right on this issue. On one side are the religious conservatives pulling with all their might to keep the Republican Party as anti-gay as possible. But on the other side is corporate America. Religious conservatives may be the more visible hand that moves the GOP, but its corporate leadership that ultimately calls the shots, and they are increasingly moving further and further toward pro-gay equality. This combined with polls showing young Republicans supporting same-sex marriage by a solid majority is the clearest indication that we won. If Jan Brewer, the woman who singed a bill requiring US citizens to carry paperwork to prove it at all times, couldn’t sign this bill, what chance do they have in the long run?

She Wanted That Law was last updated March 15th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski