Supreme Chill

There was a fear that if the Supreme Court ruled against Aereo that there would be a chilling affect on innovation as the broadcasters moved against everything they don’t like. Well they did, and it is, and they are:

Fox and others won a high-profile copyright case against upstart Aereo on Wednesday, in which the Supreme Court held in a 6-3 vote that Aereo was offering services akin to a cable company and therefore needed the broadcasters’ permission to retransmit their content to online viewers. Armed with that decision, Fox told a federal appeals court that the high court’s decision means Dish’s Hopper DVR sideloading platform and the Dish Anywhere streaming platform should also be declared illegal.

Great. Now one of the most Luddite of all industries has a mandate to go on the attack. Hope you like your decade old cable box. Don’t expect any improvements any time soon.

Supreme Chill was last updated June 29th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski