WDW Marathon Weekend 2017: One to Remember

I am back from a somewhat dramatic Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. I had a great time as always. Perhaps even more so as this year really brought out the best in so many of the runners who were down there. Unfortunately it also brought out the worst in others. Continue reading WDW Marathon Weekend 2017: One to Remember

Dopey Challenge 2015 Recap

Not that many years ago I was unable to run a single mile. I was out of shape and viewed physical fitness as a punishment. Over the years I gradually morphed into a runner. In 2011 I finished my first marathon at Walt Disney World. I have been back every year since. 2015 marks a milestone for me as this was marathon number 10.


With runDisney I went from running a marathon, to running the two day Goofy Challenge, to running the four day Dopey Challenge. This is the second year for the Dopey event, and I registered the moment I could to make sure I maintained a perfect streak. Here is a recap of my race weekend. Continue reading Dopey Challenge 2015 Recap

Washington Heights 5K

Well after a few months of rest following my ankle sprain (not including a 48.6 mile four day event) I am finally back up to my normal running speed, more or less.

Today was the NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrock 5K, née Coogan’s. It’s a rather large race for one that uses city streets rather than the park. And we did an almost Christie-esque job of ruining traffic on the George Washington Bridge. Apologies to my coworker whose commute I ruined this morning.

It’s a fun race but challenging in its M. C. Escher-like ability to seemingly go uphill both ways. Not my best 5K, or even my best for this course, but I still have injury weight to lose so here’s to hoping that 2014 will be a recovery and rejuvenation year.

5K Time: 30:29