Tech Blog or Press Release Machine

One of my biggest internet pet peeves is news sites and blogs who do little more than regurgitate press releases for companies without any attempt to provide context or additional useful information. Verizon launched their Up program today. Up allows you to earn points that you can use toward things such as Apple Music subscriptions. Unfortunately it also comes with a requirement that you surrender a pretty substantial amount of privacy to them and their advertisers.

But you would not know this from reading tech blogs. Both 9to5Mac and MacRumors ran with the stores with no mention of the privacy implications. MacRumors as since updated the post to point this out. But not 9to5 as of this writing.

Far be it from me to tell people that they should not be allowed to trade their privacy for a few discounts. If they decide it is worth the tradeoff, go right ahead. But come on tech blogs, this is not a minor point with this service. It does a huge disservice to your readers to not mention it. I can get press releases direct from Verizon’s PR channels.

At least some sites such as The Verge and ArsTechnica were very clear about how this program works.

So yeah, I won’t be signing up for Verizon Up. I would not recommend you do either. Up to you, but know what you are signing up for first.

Tech Blog or Press Release Machine was last updated November 6th, 2017 by Michael Truskowski