Walt Disney World Half Marathon

This was the race that had the potential to cause me the most trouble. It is the first one of the weekend where I was running alone, and thus was more likely to push too hard. The half is always tricky in these multi day races as it is long enough to really drain you, but with a full coming the next day. I took it extremely easy. Ended up finishing in 3:23:08. Obviously way far off my normal time, but again I did not aggravate my injured ankle further. And I succeeded.

Nothing new for the course really, same half as always. It was extremely humid but the temperature ended up being lower than anticipated, which made it much more pleasant than last year’s race. Somehow I missed that Darkwing Duck was one of the photo spots along the course. I am assuming he will be out tomorrow as well and I fully intend to stop.

I think I am good to go for the last part of this week. Admittedly it is the hardest by far, longer than the total of the races that came before it. Tomorrow will be my 7th marathon and my 100th race since I started running.


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