Walt Disney World Marathon

After three days of personal worsts, I finally broke the streak with the final race of the week, the marathon. Yes, my best race of the week was the most difficult. In fact, I finished nearly a full hour ahead of last year’s race. And that was on a recently sprained ankle. How did this happen? Well, I think there were two main reasons.

  1. Because I was afraid of my ankle causing problems for me at the last race, I took the first three extremely conservatively. This meant that I come marathon morning, I still had energy. In fact, I felt warmed up, rather than at the end of a difficult journey.
  2. It was quite a bit cooler and less humid than last year’s race. Last year was just brutal. This year was pleasant. The weather can have a massive impact on endurance sports.

In a way I am even more upset as I think that without the ankle injury I probably could have had a PR this weekend. But hey, I am glad to just have finished, something I feared would not happen about a month ago. And now I am a “Perfectly Dopey” runner. Can’t wait for next year.

I will have a much larger article for WDWNT and cross posted here soon. But first, after four days of 3am wake ups, it’s time to rest.

Marathon Finish Epcot

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