Washington Heights 5K

Well after a few months of rest following my ankle sprain (not including a 48.6 mile four day event) I am finally back up to my normal running speed, more or less.

Today was the NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrock 5K, née Coogan’s. It’s a rather large race for one that uses city streets rather than the park. And we did an almost Christie-esque job of ruining traffic on the George Washington Bridge. Apologies to my coworker whose commute I ruined this morning.

It’s a fun race but challenging in its M. C. Escher-like ability to seemingly go uphill both ways. Not my best 5K, or even my best for this course, but I still have injury weight to lose so here’s to hoping that 2014 will be a recovery and rejuvenation year.

5K Time: 30:29

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