We are all Dicks

Want to start a fight among a group of New Yorkers? Bring up cyclists. The people in the group who don’t bike are likely to have complaints about nearly being hit by them. The cyclists are likely to respond that pedestrians pay no attention to where they are walking. Everyone hates drivers, until they are driving, when the cyclists are annoying and pedestrians cross the street whenever they feel like it.

And it’s all true. All of it.

If you use the New York City streets, you are a dick. Whether you walk, bike, or drive is of no matter. You suck, and other people hate you. We all need to just live with this fact as it’s not going to change.

So let’s just try to be as nice of dicks as possible. Pedestrians, don’t step into traffic without at least looking (in the correct direction, why people look up a one way street when crossing it is beyond me). Cyclists, observe traffic laws reasonably. Yes, I will go through an empty intersection if I can see clearly that it is empty, and I will salmon for a block to get to the Citi Bike dock rather than go around. But be reasonable. Drivers, slow the fuck down. And it wouldn’t kill you to give an inch of room to someone else once and a while.

In this city, you kind of need to be a dick to get around. So own it and quit whining about every one else doing the same damn thing you do. You dick.

We are all Dicks was last updated June 24th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski