What The Hell App Store?

Remember when Apple threatened to remove pCalc from the App Store unless they removed the widget, you know the one they were featuring? Only to turn around and change their minds and allow the widget to live. Well guess what, they decided to have this fun all over again, but instead of just threatening this one app, it looks like now they will be taking a meat mallet to half of the widgets that anyone actually uses.

That is from the developer of Drafts, one of my favorite apps on iOS. In fact the last blog post I wrote specifically mentioned this function and how I use it in relation to calendars.

So now Apple does not want buttons in the today view. Buttons! Here is notification center on my iPhone right now.


Look at all those useful, helpful, I really want to keep them buttons. And apparently now they will all be removed.

I am getting really sick of this. How many times do we have to go down this road on iOS where Apple makes a new feature that everyone loves and takes advantage of, only to randomly decide to kill it? If this happens I am just going to completely disregard this feature.

Are you hearing this Apple? A major feature of your new OS, something you no doubt spent time and money developing, I will completely ignore it as if it were not there. And I doubt I will be the only one. If you want to have new features gain traction don’t piss off power users. It is making me distrust this platform. Things I use, and like, and become part of my real world workflow may just disappear just because.

Does the person in charge of App review have dissociative personality disorder? Why does this keep happening? Why do you insist on making your competition look better? And all this is ignoring the fact that you demonstrated this capability yourself when you introduced the feature in the first fucking place.

Maybe this will be a repeat of the pCalc situation and they will change their minds again. Still though, if you are a developer, do not use this feature. Just don’t. You have no idea if it will come back to bite you.

In fact, best to not develop anything that isn’t established, so don’t worry about that Apple Watch. Seriously, I mean it. Forget the Watch. You may spend months working on software only to then discover that it won’t be “allowed”. But not like you had anything better to do with your time right?

That is the message this move sends.

What The Hell App Store? was last updated December 2nd, 2014 by Michael Truskowski