What to do about Aperture

Apple announced last week, through bloggers[1], that they would be discontinuing development of Aperture and that both it and iPhoto would be discontinued in favor of the new Photos for OS X when it ships next year. This has, of course, led to a lot of worry about what to do now.

My advice…nothing. Do nothing. If your photo workflow currently revolves around either of these apps keep it that way. At least until we have a better idea what the transition away from these apps will be. Apple has stated that there will be tools to migrate to their new app, as well as to migrate to competitors like Lightroom. Migrating now is likely to be a more difficult process than it will be in the coming months as the tools become available.

Also it’s entirely possible that moving away from them now will make it extremely difficult to move to Photos when it ships. And if Photos works as promised, it looks like you will want to be using it. The idea of a perfect cloud sync for every photo you’ve taken is very intriguing. Perhaps it won’t work for you, but there is no way to know that yet.

So change nothing for now. Stick with what you are doing, and migrate to the new apps once the tools are fully tested and the process is easy. Your current setup will continue to work at least until then.

  1. An interesting tactic for them in the more open Tim Cook era.  ↩
What to do about Aperture was last updated July 3rd, 2014 by Michael Truskowski