What’s Inside Your Travel Backpack

This article originally appeared on the Tekserve Blog.

I bring a lot of tech with me when I travel. No matter if it’s just for a weekend or a whole month, I can’t leave my stuff at home. Getting it all to my destination easily and in one piece is very important, particularly when traveling by air. So here’s a quick look at my travel bag (or in my case, bags).


In this first photo you see all the things I have in my bag when I travel: my MacBook Air, iPad, Kindle, and iPhone. I have my Bose headphones, which I have found to be the most comfortable when worn for an extended period of time. I always bring a few iOS cables to make sure everything can be charged, and a power strip. (Always bring a power strip! No matter how many outlets your hotel room has, it won’t be enough.) In addition, I have two Mophie battery packs I always travel with. The Juicepack, which doubles as a case for my iPhone, pretty much guarantees that I will have enough juice to make it through a day of heavy use, even if I never get a chance to stop and recharge. The Powerstation takes it a step further, and can charge my iPhone all the way multiple times, and even has enough power to keep my iPad running.

You may notice that I have two bags. Allow me to explain why. The first…


is my carryall bag. It’s a new bag from Timbuk2 that has pockets for both my MacBook Air and iPad. It easily fits everything, without being terribly heavy. I use this as my carry-on bag. It’s particularly nice because the computer pocket can be removed easily when going through security.

Michael-3The second, smaller bag is from STM. I use this as the bag I take with me when going out and about once I get where I am going. I usually don’t need to take my MacBook Air and several of the other things with me, but it’s nice to have my iPad and battery packs close at hand. The bag is very small and light. This way when I need power, I can just reach into my bag and attach one of the Mophie batteries—so I don’t have to beg for outlets in cafes (which I’m sure all of us have done at some point by now).

As you can see, I am very power/charging-focused when traveling. Dead batteries are annoying, and my devices take an extra beating when I travel, as they double as my Maps and GPS tour guides. So I always make sure that they’re with me, and that I have something I can easily carry them in. The goal is to be as compact as possible, but still have everything I need.

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