Will and Me in Al Jazeera’s Pride Coverage

Will and I were interviewed and photographed at NYC Pride yesterday and are currently featured in Al Jazeera America’s coverage of the event. I am actually quite happy to be featured as a happily married couple in New York. If I did have to nitpick, and you know I do, I wish the context of the article was more clear to us as we may come off sounding trivial amongst the discussion of gay oppression around the world. Will and I are keenly aware of how fantastically lucky we are and how beyond dreadful the world is for so many LGBT people. The questions asked of us were all geared toward the celebratory mood of this particular event itself, and we responded in kind. But overall very happy to be featured, especially as “The Truskowskis”. Who would have thought that this would ever happen not that long ago?

One other nitpick. Comments. Not just Al Jazeera, but every journalistic institution everywhere I implore you, turn them off. They cheapen an otherwise reputable journalistic atmosphere and add nothing useful. News comments represent the lowest form of human engagement that isn’t actually criminal. They are nearly always incoherent ramblings of trolls. The only way to fix the problem is to eliminate it. Anyone who wants to can create a blog like this one to voice their opinions, and the lunatics can be relegated to the dark corners of the internet where we dare not go without losing a part of our sanity.

But again, thanks to Al Jazeera for their overall great coverage.

Will and Me in Al Jazeera’s Pride Coverage was last updated June 30th, 2014 by Michael Truskowski