You Can Purchase After You Fill Out These 50 Forms

A rumor broke last week that Apple’s wearable, whatever it is and whatever it is called1 will be subsidized by health insurance companies, similar to how our phones are subsidized by cell providers.

Apple could be planning to subsidize the cost of its upcoming wearable product through health insurers, Cowan & Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri speculates.

I doubt this very much and hope it’s not true. The cellular providers may have done well creating an industry of anti-consumer red tape. But they are amateurs compared to the health insurance market. Do you really want the people who brought you preexisting conditional and lifetime caps, as well as enough paperwork to deforest the moon of Endor, control over your Apple purchases?

The only thing worse would be an iCar subsidized by the oil industry.

  1. If it even exists. I should stress that we don’t know this yet. 
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